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Wildlife Sanctuaries Near Godhra

Visiting wildlife sanctuaries in Godhra is a very exciting place where you will see many types of animals and birds commonly known and unknown creatures as well. This journey will surely give you a remarkable memory to Godhra City. Though these wildlife sanctuaries are not exactly located in Godhra, they are very near to the city and many tourists are getting benefited visiting such wild ghats to get thrilling experience.

List of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Godhra:
  • Ratanmahal Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pania Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Porbandar Birds Sanctuary
  • Gir Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Gaga Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Rampara Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Thol Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Nal Sarovar Birds Sanctuary
  • Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Balaram Ambaji Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Jambuhoda Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Purna Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Kutchh Bustard Sanctuary
  • Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary
  • Khijadia Bird Sanctuary

Ratanmahal Wildlife Sanctuary

Ratanmahal Wildlife Sanctuary is a place where visitors can come across a leopard, a palm civet, an Indian civet, the antelope, langurs, the Loten's sunbird, the large green barbet, the crested serpent eagle, the grey jungle fowl, a pit viper, and many more.


Pania Wildlife Sanctuary

The Pania Sanctuary can be the best place to visit between monsoon and winters, which is a heaven for Eco-tourists will provide you with plenty of cherishes as well as diversity of the nature.

Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary

Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary, is another best place for the tourists, where they can watch lions and leopards  along with some beautiful birds. The winter is the best time to experience the wildlife trip and spend awesome day unlike the daily routine.

Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary


Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary includes many animals such as leopard, wolf, crocodile as well as chameleon, the Lion and Chinkara, Sambar and also the Spotted Deer.

Porbandar Birds Sanctuary

Tourists can enjoy the beautiful appearance of colorful birds in Porbandar Birds Sanctuary such as – the Flamingos, the Grebes, the Pelicans, the Avocets as wells as Coots, the Cormorant and Herons, the Egrets, the Bittern and Storks, Ibis and the Spoonbill, the Whistling Teals and the Gulls, Red shanks, etc. can be found.

Gir Wild Life Sanctuary


Here colorful birds such as - Paradise Flycatcher and Bonneli's Eagle, the Crested Serpent Eagle as well as Woodpeckers, and Flamingoes can be seen at Gir Wild Life Sanctuary.

Gaga Wild Life Sanctuary

There are about 12 types of mammals, with eight kinds of reptiles as well as 88 species of birds. In this Gaga wild life sanctuary, you can view migratory birds such as pelicans and spot-billed ducks, along with flamingoes and demoiselle cranes; also the common cranes during winter.

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary constitutes many types of animals and some of the rare animal species like Nilgai, the Chinkara, the fox and Wolf can be seen at this wildlife.

Thol Wildlife Sanctuary

Thol Wildlife Sanctuary comprises of many species of birds such as flocks of cattle egrets, black kite, the Ibises Drongos, and so on.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary


Purna Wildlife Sanctuary consists of various kinds of animals, birds, and mammals too; some are found to be the Wild bulls and elephants, as well as the sloth bear and rhinoceros are also seen roaming in this wild forest.

Nal Sarovar Birds Sanctuary

Nal Sarovar Birds Sanctuary constitutes of many interesting birds such as – Glossy ibis, the Grey-lag geese, the Open-bill stork,as well as Coots and Cranes can be found in this Sanctuary.

Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary

Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary gets its name due to the temple of Lord Shiva,  who is also known as 'Trishula Dhari' or 'Trishula Pani', which means Holder of Trishula (His Hand Instrument which looks like a big fork).

Balaram Ambaji Wild Life Sanctuary

Balaram Ambaji Wild Life Sanctuary got its name due to two different historical temples such as 'Balaram' and 'Ambaji'.

Jambuhoda Wild Life Sanctuary

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife, which had been named because of the Taluk 'Jambughoda' at Panchmahal.

Purna Wild Life Sanctuary

Purna Wild Life Sanctuary have lofty teak trees that rise tall and straight in the company of other connected flora; i.e, the sadad, the timru, the bamboos as well as khair, the kalam and haldu, the sisham (rosewood), the salai and kadaya, the killai , the sevan, and the tanachh, etc.

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