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Kalika Mata Temple

Kalika Mata Temple is one of the stunning temples of the world. This temple in Gujarat has been built in the name of Mother Kali, and is considered as the oldest in this area built around 10th century. This is the only temple where Hindus and Muslims together worship Goddess Kali Mata. The devotees of Goddess Kali have been visiting this temple since long, even before Champaner got recognition as a separate city.

Kalika Mata Mandir

Inside Kalika Mata Temple

The temple has huge strengthening defense and an open verandah in the front, with two platforms for sacrificing and a series of light hanging to lit during special occasions. The idol of Goddess Kalika Mata, which is the major goddess of this temple is placed in the inner sanctum is only the head known as Mukhwato, which is colored in red. The other idols of goddess Mahakali and the Yantras of Bahuchara are preset in the Garbha Gudi one on right and the other on left of Goddess Mahakali respectively.


The complex of this temple has been divided into two different parts, the ground floor contains the Hindu shrine while the spire of the temple is worshiped by Muslim Shrine and Mausoleum to Sadan Shah Pir, who was a Sufi saint. The flooring is made of pure white marble stones which were installed during the year 1859, which was presented by the minister of Limbdi near Godhra. The temple is opened all time during the year from very early in the morning till late in the night in order to acclimatize the devotees arriving round the clock. The important and the commonly available rest house for accommodation at this place is Machi Haveli. The view from the temple is breathtaking and can be enjoyed by all the people visiting this place.

Devotees at Kalika Mata Temple

Goddess Kali Mata was worshipped initially by Bhil and Koli people who resided locally in that area,  where the idol of Goddess was installed on the Pavagadh hill by the saint Vishwamithra, where She was worshiped as Goddess Durga or Goddess Chandi. The Adivasis present in and around this temple also worship Goddess Kali as their tribal Goddess. This temple is said to be one of the Shakti Peethas, and the residence of Goddess Durga. It is believed that at this place, the Goddess 'Sati' symbolic toe was found fallen.

Festivals Celebrated in Kalika Mata Temple

The festivals held in the temple are conducted in a grand way and attracts pilgrims around the world in large numbers every year. It is considered to be a Chodhri tradition, that the devotees visit this place atleast once a year. The devotees who visit Kalika Mata temple worship Her by beating the metal bell. Every year during the Chaitra Sud 8, a fair is held in this place and specially on full moon day of Chaitra Sud, during April and on Dasara in October, a large Hindi crowd of all classes  come together to worship Goddess Durga.

How to Reach Kalika Mata Temple

The Kalika Mata temple is situated approximately 2,500 feet above the sea level on Pavagadh hills in Panchmahal district near Godhra. To reach the main temple on the summit, one has to walk 5 kms along the jungle on the footpath to reach the top of the hill. The other option to reach here is via cable car which pulls the summit, while road ways is also possible.

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