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Crafts in Godhra

Handicrafts are a great tradition of Godhra, and these crafts are mostly vibrant as well as quivering with full of life. The structural designs and patterns reside in the hearts of the Godhra city, and they feel blessed by these wonderful creations.

The individual episode of the crafts that are created has to be unique, and to the higher extent these art and crafts are found to be excellent in their exertions. Also, these crafts are sometimes a brew of different levels of the fine artwork, and the skills as well as the involvement that are laid together. By this way, the designs are symbolized through bringing the talents and the aptitudes out of the craftsmen of Godhra to a top level in the years to come.

Types of Crafts in Godhra

Crafts may belong to any categories of extra exhaustive in the mode of preparation, which will be stimulated from the persons who love these crafts. Some of the crafts that subsist currently, can be either a sculpture or paintings, a poetry or an architecture. However, these depends on the nature of the person who buys it, and also it depends upon the taste or  mood of an admiration of the newly created objects. Also, these crafts are so charming and lovely that, the person who hold these crafts will become more emotional.

Godhra Craft

The textile specialties of Godhra includes – the extreme fine ikat, the panetar, tanchoi or brocade, also the mashru and other patterns like Patola and Gharchola silk sarees, which are hand-weaved, differs in every pattern and from generation to generation.

Embroidery Work in Godhra

Embroidery and textiles are said to be used in the most developing industries of Godhra, and this Embroidery is practiced by women of Godhra- living in villages. Embroidery work falls in to many categories such as Rabari embroidery, the Bavalia embroidery as well as Banni embroidery. The city also feels proud in producing gold embroidery to double the look of dresses or clothes meant for weddings, etc.

Toran is a kind of the embroidered room or doorway decoration which contains clinging rolls, which is said to ventilate the good luck. This Pachhitpatis are hanged at the corners with a welcome written on it for the visitors.

While, embroidered work like Chaklas are worked on furniture covers; while Bhitiya will be done on wall hanging, and Abhala is the one which includes small mirror discs that are fixed with delicately worked silk thread.

Godhra Embroidary Works

Usually, Printing and work in Godhra discloses a cultural tradition that has derived since many years and many best textiles were manufactured in Godhra which have a large market in the world.

Wooden Crafts in Godhra

Godhra Wooden Crafts

Wooden crafts in Godhra showcases the conventional art of the lovely wooden handicrafts, where these wooden crafts are meant for architectural purposes. These wooden craft in Godhra city has derived from the wood of some hardy trees such as – sal, the teak, the sheesham, the deodar, also the redwood and rosewood, red cedar as well as ebony, etc.

Jewellery in Godhra

Godhra Jewellery has been a great heritage of India since more than 5,000 years. And in earlier days, the jewelry makers manufactured jewelry using the easily accessible natural resources such as – seeds, and feathers, leaves and berries, fruits and flowers, animal bones, claws and teeth as well. Such jeweleries are even found in some tribal parts, where the tribal people still wear these jeweleries.

Godhra jewelries are not only manufactured for human beings but also for the statues of God, and ceremonial elephants and horses.

Godhra Jewelleries

Other special products such as gold and silver jewellery, as well as the traditional tribal crafts like – the dokra or metalwork craft, the carved and painted ethnic furniture appears in gold, silver, blue and in maroon color can be found.

Beadwork is also done on many different items such as – hand fans, wall art, toys, pillow covers and purses as well. Also certain craft works (antique pieces) are made out of the wool of sheep, tagaras, etc. also, these beadworks are found on some kind of blankets and gaily-colored shawls.

Durries in Godhra

Godhra Durries

Godhra is also popular for Durries like the other surrounding places nearby Godhra. These Durries are nothing but the weaving of certain types of the finest carpets, the blankets and rugs as well, which needs more hard-work as these are hand-made. And the carpets and rugs designed in this city are most popular for the amazing designs, colors schemes as well as intricate weaving.

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