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Agriculture in Godhra

Godhra is established in an agricultural land and is also a center place for both the activities related to administrative and business. Also the city has become the important trade center of agricultural commodities.

The district has black alluvial soil that is very useful for cultivation of different fruits, vegetables and other types of crops. Approximately 2,68,00 tons of cereal is produced every year in this district.

Major Crops Grown in Godhra

The people residing in the district of Panchmahal also cultivate different kinds of fruits in their fields that include mango, banana, papaya, guava, lime, apple, pineapple, berry; and vegetables such as cabbage, onion, ginger, cauliflower, garlic and brinjal, carrot, tomato, beans, spinach, beetroot and many others. It also became popular for the growing of principal crops such as maize and millet, rice and pulses, even oil-seeds are also grown.


The total cereal production in the Panchmahal district was around 2, 68, 800 and 88,396 Metric Tonnes in the year 2005 – 06. Whereas, the Total production of wheat and pulses in the Panchmahal district were – Pulses, Vegetables, and Fruits were about 73,400 and 59,600 metric tonnes respectively in the year 2005 – 2006. 

And there was Total vegetable production of about 36,727 Metrics Tonnes in the year 2006 – 2007; whereas, Total fruits were grown for about 32,253 Metric Tonnes in the year 2006; while, Vegetables like onions had highest production of about 12,540 Metric Tonnes.

Natural Conditions for Agriculture in Godhra

Godhra is bestowed with profuse natural resources related to soil, climatic conditions and varied cropping guide which is suitable for agricultural activities. Agricultural productivity of Godhra has observed a growth of crops from 10.1 MMT during the year 2003 to 19.6 MMT during the 2007.

Godhra encounters low and irregular, erratic rainfall which is one of the reasons for scarce water source which leads to inconsistent levels of agriculture production which is the main reason for economic variability. The continuous and constant growth of agricultural economy is relied on improving surface water sources. The agricultural sector in Godhra has observed a structural change with the river Narmada and the waters reaching the desired area due to reduction in the rainfall which is the dependent factor. The growth of Agriculture in this area would cause major and significant change in the quality of life of the rural people who are depended on agriculture to a greater extent. Godhra has a great prospect to improve an agricultural processing industry in the coming years.

Developments in Agricultural Sector in Godhra

The plan for achieving the major objective is improvement in the post harvest agriculture infrastructure in order to reduce the loss and receive the best benefit and price for the production grown by farmers. To different methods to increase the production can be by Mega Agro-Food points, by cold storages techniques and improvement in the port based agricultural infrastructure.

Godhra has approximately 113 lakh of area at present for crop development and growth with the major commercial crops being Bajra, Wheat, Groundnut, Cotton, Maize, Rice and many others. Godhra also grows Horticultural crops, other than these agricultural crops which include Banana, Chikoo, Potato, Onion, Isabgul.

Production of Agricultural crops in Godhra has incident of a lot of instability in the past few years. The region under the agricultural growth has increased in Godhra from 80 lakh in the year 2003 to 101 lakh in the year 2007. Stability in the growth of Horticultural products is one of the important aspects of Agricultural section in Godhra. Region under horticultural crops has been increased in 2002 from 6.9 lakh to nearly 11.2 lakh in 2007. Due to the decrease in the rainfall in Godhra, the changes which are happening structurally are in comparison with Punjab state. This issue is major cause of concern as the people of the state are completely dependent on the rainfall. In this view for agricultural growth in Godhra can visualize a drastic change in the quality of living of the people. This is strategic through attaining supportable improvement in efficiency and greater value to agricultural production
Godhra has a future plan to transpire as a world-class manufacturer and provider of crops and products which are processed where one can enjoy it as a competitive advantage.

Plans to Improve Agricultural Sector in Godhra

The agricultural infrastructure enclosed in this record is after harvest infrastructure while infrastructure requirement of animal raring, fisheries are not covered. With the inclusion of Animal husbandry and fisheries, the aim of this infrastructure is to target an annual growth rate of 6.8% over the next decade which is significantly greater than what has been achieved in the past.

The farmer will be an experienced worker with the advantage of improving in technology and best global agro-economy practices. Farmers are given the opportunity and will take appropriate decisions of the crops which they want to grow and they will also be motivated to analyze the commercial payoffs between different cropping options. A system provided with information kiosks will furnish and train them with proper and sufficient information to make appropriate decisions on time while Godhra will make proper use of information technology sources in order to maximize and develop the agricultural infrastructure.

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